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I have an Ajax call that inserts a div with several p elements with text. The problem is whenever I click the button to make the Ajax get, the height of the whole container will change because I haven't set a static height (I have set a specific width though) for the container in my css stylesheet.

Whenever I click the button to load the Ajax info, there will be a brief instant where you can see the container gets really small because I'm just replacing the text in the container with other text. Is there a simple css solution for this?

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You could consider using the CSS min-height property, which would prevent the container from shrinking to a size too short ( For instance,

#myContainer {
  min-height: 600px;
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min-height:400px;//Whatever height you want it to not get smaller than
height:400px;//Whatever height you want the div to be

so that it doesn't gets small and use


so that it doesn't get big instead becomes scrollable when more content received than expected. Using overflow:auto will only show the scrollbars when the content overflows. i.e, when needed.

In case you want the scrollbars no matter what use

overflow:scroll;//Scrollbars will appear by default, even if not needed.

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Talk about scroll, too, as the OP might want that functionality. Or, from your edit, explain the difference between auto and scroll. –  Jon Jul 6 '12 at 4:10

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