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I have designed a Facebook application and need to add OAuth, Open Graph for complete functionality. Considering that I know nothing about Open Graph and little JS, I'd like to use a small wrap-up (python lib) which will provide the those features..

I searched over Google, stackoverflow and found few projects which provide some cool features but I am unable to choose..

python libs:

  1. django-social-auth
  2. fandjango
  3. facepy
  4. pyFacebook - I think this doesn't offer OAuth.

I also use Google Data API in my project. So, the better option would be django-social-auth but I am not sure if I can do Open Graph with it..

Can anyone tell me what is the best, maintained, good lib? (Please do mention if its not in the above list)

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django-social-auth is really great if you want to build a website that allows users to log in with Facebook, but if you're building an application on you probably want to use something like fandjango. Either way, you will need a different kind of library (like, say, facepy) to interact with Facebook's API once you've retrieved an access token from the user.

Full disclosure: I am the author of fandjango and facepy.

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I would highly suggest django-social-auth. Any library than can parse JSON will support Open Graph as FQL and Graph API data can all be retrieved from Facebook's API (REST).

Good luck!

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