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I have two jquery accordions in my page . One in the east and One in west panel . Is it possible to style them differently ? Editing .ui-accordion related styles changes style of both the accordions . Is there a way to provide different styles for the two accordions ?

Thanks in advance .

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Yes you can with some tricks.
All you have to do is override jQuery, UI and CSS for other accordion, something like this.

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you can use jQuery eq() method:

$('.ui-accordion:eq(0)').addClass('first') // the first ui.accordion element

or CSS3 nth-child pseudo selector:

.ui-accordion:nth-child(1) { the first ui.accordion element
   property: value;
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Simply add a different ID (or class) to both, then add them to the CSS selector. Alternatively, you can add an ID of a parent element. Ex:

.ui-accordion div{...}
.ui-accordion .arrow{...}


#left-column .ui-accordion{...}
#left-column .ui-accordion div{...}
#left-column .ui-accordion .arrow{...}

#right-column .ui-accordion{...}
#right-column .ui-accordion div{...}
#right-column .ui-accordion .arrow{...}
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Yes it's possible now your define on extra id in your jqery as like this


<div id="slider1" class="east">
   // some code of your html

<div id="slider2" class="east">
   // some code of your html




#slider1.east .somecss{
 // css style as like your requirement 

#slider2.east .somecss{
 // css style as like your requirement 
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You have (or try to have) two elements with the id #east. That's not good. Also, you cannot have two ids on the same element. –  Jan Dvorak Jul 6 '12 at 4:45

Another option is to use two themes, one for each accordion. When downloading jQueryUi click the "advanced theme settings" in the right sidebar under "Theme". Use the "CSS Scope" and "Theme Folder Name" fields. There are little help icons to explain what to do.

I have never done that so I can't tell you how easy or difficult it is.

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