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When I'm writting


This tag in web.xml that time I was getting the error

word config notspelled correctly

I know this is a logical name, so you can use any word, but that word config is underlined in red. Because of that, whenever I run a struts application, I mention the path in a form tag of jsp: something like /book. This book path is also in the struts-config.xml file.

So when I run this project, I'm getting the error

requested resources not available(/book)

That means struts-config.xml is not loaded correctly. I have imported jar also.

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Where did you place struts-config.xml file. – Mdhar9e Jul 6 '12 at 6:40
Could you show the rest of the struts servlet config in web.xml? – Martin Wilson Jul 6 '12 at 16:20

Try this


Copy struts-config.xml to WEB-INF/classes folder

Also you should have all struts jar files into your WEB-INF/lib

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struts-config.xml should be in WEB-INF folder parallel to web.xml. – Mdhar9e Jul 6 '12 at 6:32

I don't think so it is necessary to move struts-config.xml file somewhere. Actually word "config" is for initialize parameter(struts-config.xml) with name config. config with orange color(not red)underline is only for dictionary check nothing else.

So error occurs because

In your struts-config.xml has mess or misconfigured.if possible please add you struts-config.xml with this thread so we can check what actually a reason.

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Put it inside servlet action with servlet-class ActionServlet. Worked in my case, have similar problem, but I've just wanted to change folder from classes to my default.

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