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How can I get the list of currently running processes in golang under Windows?

I need something like:

List of currently running process in golang

but usable under Windows too.

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I just implemented the function you need (EnumProcess as axw stated above). Check out https://github.com/AllenDang/w32. You might want to wait until my pull request is through :) An example on how to use: https://gist.github.com/3083408

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You need to use the Windows API function EnumProcesses. The syscall package on Windows enables you load arbitrary DLLs and their functions (i.e. via LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress). So you can get at EnumProcesses in psapi.dll. This gives you a list of PIDs; you can then use OpenProcess and EnumProcessModules to get the process name.

It's possible that someone has already done the work to implement this, but I don't know of anything. If you can't find anything, take a look at the syscall package's source (say, src/pkg/syscall/zsyscall_windows_386.go) and do something similar to what's done for the other Windows API functions.

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