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In local development I want to connect to my personal database for auto-test. In the build farm, I want to connect to a different database for auto-test. How can that be done?

Play seems very flexible with configuration, except with running auto-tests. Have I missed a secret special trick somewhere?

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See this thread...

Test and auto-test always uses test as ID, so you can't overwrite the value depending on which test environment you are on. I am not aware if this bug has been fixed, but I couldnt find an associated bug or fix on lighthouse.

You can use environment variables in your application.conf, see here, which means you can pass in the db name using a -Dvariable. So

play auto-test -Dtestdb=your-cit-db

then in you application.conf, you would do


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Cool idea. Thank you. –  darren Jul 7 '12 at 5:38

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