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Any ideas on the correct method of typecasting an Object out of a getAttribute request from a JSP page HttpServletRequest?

I have googled but it seems that the common solution is just sticking suppresswarnings in your code... Something I would very much like to avoid.

I currently have:

HashMap<String, ArrayList<HashMap<String, String>>> accounts = (HashMap<String, ArrayList<HashMap<String, String>>>)request.getAttribute("accounts");

And the complier is giving me this warning: Unchecked cast from Object to HashMap

Thanks in Advance!!


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Yeah, either you need to cast or suppress the warning. In case you decide to suppress the warning, I recommend you to put a comment, too.

Similar thread, and another.

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I ended up using JSTL tags to iterate over the collection, this allowed for an elegant solution not requiring suppression of unchecked warnings.

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I bet you're talking about JSTL. That's indeed the right approach. – BalusC Mar 14 '10 at 4:53

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