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I am trying to create a JSF 2.1 Project in Eclipse Java EE IDE.

In one screen, Eclipse asks for JSF Implementation Libary- here I have defined JSF 2.1.10 as a JSF Implementation Library- with the JAR files




However after adding the above implementation library, I get the following error message in the same screen of Eclipse IDE--

 Required class javax.faces.FactoryFinder does not exist in selected libraries.

I even added Apache MyFaces Core 2.1.8 and Mojarra 2.1.10, but the above error message refuses to go away... What am I missing here?

How do I configure and set up a JSF 2.1 project correctly in Eclipse Java EE IDE?


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I suppose your question is same as described Here Hope this helps. –  Bagira Jul 6 '12 at 5:56
can you check if inside jsf-api-2.1.10.jar, FactoryFinder is present ? –  mprabhat Jul 6 '12 at 6:19

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This is my solution:

Download Library with Eclipse

*Eclipse Juno

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You should click JaveServerfaces tag of your eclipse Project Facet when creating your project.See this

enter image description here

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