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I've written a routine whereby a user is displayed an image (using grid.raster) and they click on it to define a region of interest (grid.locator).

I added in support for the user to right-click on the plot instead of left-click, which would undo their previously-clicked point.

This works by testing whether grid.locator() returns NULL (from the help file: "If the user did not click mouse button 1, the function (invisibly) returns NULL).

This works fine on Linux, but in Windows using Rgui, right-clicking the plot window brings up a context menu with 'Stop' and 'Continue' and continues waiting for you to click (i.e. the right click is not detected by grid.locator() since it's intercepted for the context menu first).

Is there some way to disable the right click context menu for the plot window in Rgui?

(The user is only going to use Rgui. For the moment I can tell them to use the middle click button to undo instead of right click and this works, but it is moot if they don't have a button with a scroll wheel/middle click button. Alternatively if there's some way I can listen for a keyboard event without having to load a UI package like gtk or tcltk I'm happy for that to happen too).

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Not straight R, but a similar concept works for me: Use AutoHotkey, check for active RGui Window, and Handle your right mouse button. –  Dieter Menne Jul 6 '12 at 6:06
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