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I was trying to implement Facebook login in windows 8 application . I am using following url to request Facebook login

I am using webview to request this url .I am getting the login page correctly shown below. enter image description here

After user enter login credential it is getting redirecting to another page and getting stuck there.I guess that page is supposed to be given permissions.I am attaching a screen shown below

enter image description here

Nothing will happen if i click on cancel or install ..

if i am removing display=touch from the request everything will works fine.But the login poge and permissions page are displayed like in web browser.That is not optimized for touch ..

I have tested the same with webbrowser control in wpf..But the problem is still exisiting there. Any ideas?

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On Windows 8 You should be using WebAuthenticationBroker.

Here is code example:

private async void Authenticate()
        //Facebook Authentication Uri
        var facebookUri = "";
        //Standard redirect uri for desktop/non-web based apps
        var redirectUri = "";
        //Place your appa client id here
        var clientId = "";
        //The type of token that can be requested
        var responseType = "token";
        //Response pattern
        var pattern = string.Format("{0}#access_token={1}&expires_in={2}", redirectUri, "(?.+)", "(?.+)");

            String FacebookURL = "" +
                clientId + "&redirect_uri=" + Uri.EscapeUriString(redirectUri) + "&scope=read_stream&display=touch&response_type=token";

            System.Uri StartUri = new Uri(FacebookURL);
            System.Uri EndUri = new Uri(redirectUri);

            WebAuthenticationResult WebAuthenticationResult = await WebAuthenticationBroker.AuthenticateAsync(
            if (WebAuthenticationResult.ResponseStatus == WebAuthenticationStatus.Success)
                var response = WebAuthenticationResult.ResponseData.ToString();
            else if (WebAuthenticationResult.ResponseStatus == WebAuthenticationStatus.ErrorHttp)
                //Handle HTTP error
                //Handle error
        catch (Exception ex)
            //Handle error
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I have used it sccessfully.How Can i edit the the popup if i am using WebAuthenticationBroker – Null Pointer Jul 6 '12 at 11:24
The idea of using WebAuthenticationBroker is to have a default look when authenticating to somewhere using OAuth. – Teemu Tapanila Jul 6 '12 at 11:37

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