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I am planning to host a webapplication to subscribed users. This application will be recording information (ex: stock prices, transactions etc) on daily basis per user and show reports on them.

I would like to understand how to design a DB for processing such large scale information for various users. I have designed basic DB schema, but not sure whether I could use the same for large scale multi user requirements. Please provide suggestions on DB design for storing info in a scalable multi-user environment.

Thanks, PM

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Can you share the work done (Database designed)? What information do you want to store in the database, provide some detail. –  Yaqub Ahmad Jul 6 '12 at 6:12

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Use cluster servers and Persistence API!

  • If you want to use ASP.NET, then Microsoft SQL Server is the most compatible.
  • If you use cluster servers you can configure load balancing on these servers and because of the redundancy, the database stores the data very safely!
  • Use a persistence API, for example Hibernate, NPA, which creates the database based on the object's properties and you can create non-SQL statements. And last but not least, the lazy data fetching doesn't load the whole object, only the variables that you use. You can use XML and annotation based configuration, its your choice!
  • Create new database session per request.
  • Choose the proper size and sign of the variables in the objects. For example: if a variable is only positive number, then use unsigned variable type and you may need only an int instead of a long, this minor thing is 2x less data!
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