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I'm looking for a simple and customizable tooltip plugin, either plain javascript or Jquery based, which has these features:

  • Bug free (Some that I've tried only show the tooltip sporadically and if you wave your mouse around they stop displaying)

  • Customizable (i.e being able to customize the css of the tooltip, select how long the tooltip stays in place after the mouse moves away, etc)

  • Must be able to programatically show/hide tooltips above any element, not just when the mouse is hovered.

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I believe that qTip does what you are looking for. I've used it on several projects without problems. It's customizable and has a well documented api that allows you to show/hide it anywhere.

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I think your looking for something like this plugin ->

Ive used it myself in the past and it has some easy to customize features. You can see the demo with the available options here ->

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jQuery UI has a tooltip that's to be included in 1.9 (not that I am the hugest fan of UI)

it might be worth checking out, I used it awhile ago (when it was even more beta) and it worked well enough URL:

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i've made a simple and easy customizable one:

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Does it only work on links? or any element? – Click Upvote Oct 6 '12 at 22:05
Also is there a way to programatically show/hide the tooltip, not just when the mouse hovers over something? – Click Upvote Oct 6 '12 at 22:06
Is pretty simple modify the code to do work with any elements (not only links); and to put the option to work with click and not only hover. For click behaviour change the line: $(this).hover(function() for: $(this).click(function() And add a method to close the bubble inside the bubble. Anyway thanks for the suggestion and i will try to add both – Alberto Fortes Jan 7 '13 at 12:02

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