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Are there any shells which support tab-completion of strings based on more than just the first characters?

For example, say I have the branch add_page_to_site, when I do git checkout si[TAB], it expands to git checkout add_page_to_site.

Are there any shells that support this? zsh? fish?

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That is called bash-completion. It's a package on most distros.

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Umm, bash completion only works when you match exactly the starting characters - in this case I'll have to type: git checkout add[TAB]. Or does it have a feature I'm not aware of? – Suan Jul 6 '12 at 16:56
Sorry, I had gotten you wrong. No, that's not featured, but you could probably hack bash-completion. (I don't think it's in any other shell either because it's just to complicated to be usable). And you can always git checkout [TAB][TAB] and then find your item in the list of all "possible" next arguments in the very rare cases where you only know something that is not a prefix. – Jo So Jul 6 '12 at 17:00
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Seems like there isn't - that's a shame =)

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