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WF Tasks - T1 > T2 > T3 Steps

1 * Workflow Instance is started & bookmarked at first task T1 2 * Trying to Load the workflow Instance,Instance starts successfully and moves to next task, but bookmark information is not getting updated to [System.Activities.DurableInstancing].[InstancesTable] it shows the old book marked information only

I tried tracing the workflow its coming to bookmark stage and sending bookmark information of next task T2 in the code activity of bookmark and context.CreateBookmark(bookmarkName,new BookmarkCallback(OnReadComplete)); is called but its not updating the the instance information with new bookmark..

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The workflow persistence database is not updated until the workflow persist again. That is by design so you can restart from a known point if you application crashes. You can force persistence by adding Persist activities to your workflow.

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Adding with "The problem solver" answer you can refer for persistance points.

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