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I want to create augmented reality application on BB10. But there is no 3rd party library is available for BB10. So i am thinking to implement Augmented Reality using QAugmentedReality of Nokia because blackberry said that Qt application will run on BB10. Is there any sample AR application in QT so i can run that on BB10 and check if it work or not then i start developing my application.

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In the official tutorial for QAugmentedReality there is a link to a sample application towards the end. However it's a .sis file, so intended for Symbian. Not sure if you can simply execute that on a BB10.

In any event you could follow the tutorial and just compile it for BlackBerry

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WIkitude Lauche its Augmented Reality SDK for the BB10. So now any one can build their application using Wikitude.

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