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let's say, i've got 2 apps which use the same database(app), and i've got a field say: cool, so i want to use this field in first app but not in second. so how to avoid this error Can't mass-assign protected attributes without using attr_accessible in database(app) ?

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I'm not sure if I understand, but this is what I ususally do:

protected_attribute = params[:blog_post].delete(:protected_attribute)

@blog_post = BlogPost.new(params[:blog_post])
@blog_post.protected_attribute = protected_attribute
if @blog_post.save
  # ...
  # ...

It's ugly, but circumvents the mass-assign protection.

Update: You also have to remove the protected attribute from the params.

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Right, you also have to remove the attribute from the params. I've updated my answer to reflect the changes. –  Wukerplank Jul 6 '12 at 8:00

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