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I'm novice in Grails and I have a doubt. Lets say I have my Datasource.groovy configured to mysql database. Everything works fine and my grails app is running.

In the controller, if I want to add/modify the database that I have set in DataSource.groovy how I can do that?

Again I need to do something like this in each controller :

def db = Sql.newInstance(

in order to get the db instance that I point to DataSource.groovy file?

Are there any best practices to do so?

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You should be able to do this (I would recommend this is done in a Service rather than a Controller, as it will make your controllers cleaner and you code easier to follow)

import groovy.sql.Sql 

class DataSourceAccessingService {
  def datasource

  def runSomeQuery( String sql ) {
    def sql = new Sql( datasource )
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Oh even DataSource.groovy can be injected! Thats great about grails! –  batman Jul 6 '12 at 11:03

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