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How can I make an area, which was selected - and is therefore rendered with the styles I did defined in render_select - unselected again and make it look like any other areas, that have been never selected before ?

$('img').mapster('set_options',{areas:[{key:'anyAreaKey',selected:false }]});


$('img').mapster('set_options',{areas:[{key:'anyAreaKey',highlight:false }]});

dont work for me

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To deselect an area, as if the end user had clicked it again, there are several ways:

Deselect by key. changing "false" to "true" below would select instead


Deselect using the area itself:


Also using the area. There's a complementary "select" method as well. The "deselect" and "select" methods only work on areas.


Example: http://jsfiddle.net/jamietre/MZ9aH/

Docs: http://www.outsharked.com/imagemapster/default.aspx?docs.html#select

The code you're using sets initial options - they won't change the current state state of an area. So while the "selected: false" option would make it initially deselected if the map hadn't been bound yet, it won't do anything after the map has been created. The "highlight: false" option determines whether or not an area will be highlighted on mouseover.

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Thank you very much friendly help!! –  Kurt Jul 6 '12 at 16:22

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