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HTML comments may use inline JavaScript as special blocks for old browsers that don't support JS code. These blocks look like this:

some js code

I want to distinguish 'true' html comments from such in JS code. I've written this regex:


So I want to exclude matches with a double slash inside, but the regex regards // as a character set of / and /, not as entire double slash //. What can I do?

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Character classes, as you noted, only match a single character, so you can't use them here. But you can make use of negative lookahead assertions:


(assuming this is JavaScript).


<!--     # Match <!--
(?:      # Try to match...
 (?!//)  #  (asserting that there is no // ahead)
 [\s\S]  #  any character (including newlines)
)*       # ...any number of times.
-->      # Match -->
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Thanks Tim! i'am using ActionScript, but it works nice) –  igorGIS Jul 6 '12 at 7:10

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