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I have found this image is very similar to my bussiness model. I need to split message to some queue. for some heavy work. I can add more worker thread for them. But for some no much heavy work. I can let single consumer to subscribe their message. But how to do that in rabbitMQ. Through their document. I just found that single-queue-multi-consumer model.

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Check out the Getting Started tutorials. When I first looked at RabbitMQ, I found their tutorials and help to be really good.

Specifically, check out the Topics section - for example, you can subscribe to multiple queues based on a routing key.

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This can be done with topics but if you do then I can't see the benefit of having more than one exchange. –  robthewolf Jul 6 '12 at 9:59
@robthewolf subscribe to multiple queues don't need to require more than on exchange. I think I just call channel.basic_consum more than once. thanks @AdaTheDev –  pythonee Jul 6 '12 at 23:55
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