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I am checking problem related to rendering and fonts. Comments in GraphicsEnvironment.html#getAllFonts() mentions ' programmable variations' of a font.

This method provides for the application the most precise control over which Font instance is used to render text. If a font in this GraphicsEnvironment has multiple programmable variations, only one instance of that Font is returned in the array, and other variations must be derived by the application.

If a font in this environment has multiple programmable variations, such as Multiple-Master fonts, only one instance of that font is returned in the Font array. The other variations must be derived by the application.

What is meant by 'programmable variations' here? How can I know if a Font has 'programmable variations' in this GraphicsEnvironment ?

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it gives the example of multiple master fonts: see this wiki on MM Fonts.

This is an implementation by Adobe achieving multiple programmeable fonts, where you can "create a wide gamut of typeface styles of different widths, weights and proportions, without losing the integrity or readability of the character glyphs"

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@ jskye. Thanks. –  Jayan Jul 11 '12 at 11:50

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