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I have a problem with the "windows.location" command in JavaScript. I would like to add the php variable in the link windows.location. How can i do? For example: I would like to transfer user to English page or Vietnamese Page by variable $lang

Here is my code

echo 'window.location="/B2C/$lang/confirm_fone.html"';

and the result in address bar is:$lang/confirm_fone.html

the $lang in address bar cannot be decode?

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Variables in single-quoted strings don't get interpolated in PHP.

Use this instead:

echo 'window.location="/B2C/' . $lang . '/confirm_fone.html"';

Or use doublequotes:

echo "window.location='/B2C/$lang/confirm_fone.html'";
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thanks it's work for me –  Ryan Jul 6 '12 at 7:40

This is because the whole string is in single quotes.

You'll want to use double quotes for interpolation.

Otherwise, you can try:

echo 'window.location="/B2C/'.$lang.'/confirm_fone.html"';
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thanks - it's work for me now –  Ryan Jul 6 '12 at 7:40

If you put php variables within the string you should use Double Quotes .

echo "window.location='/B2C/$lang/confirm_fone.html'";
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You have to concatenate the value, as follows :

echo 'window.location="/B2C/'.$lang.'/confirm_fone.html"';
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Variables are not resolved by PHP in Strings when you use the ' as delimiter. Use " instead (and ' for the javascript command) or concatenate the String using ..

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If you are in php-context:

echo "window.location=\"/B2C/"{$lang}"/confirm_fone.html\";';

If you are in HTML-Context (or better "outer-php-context"):

window.location="/B2C/<?php echo $lang ?>/confirm_fone.html";
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