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I have grub v1.98 installed and after disasmbling the MBR I find the following code snippet that I'm not clear.

xor ax,ax
mov [si+0x4],ax
inc ax
mov [si-0x1],al
mov [si+0x2],ax
mov word [si],0x10
mov ebx,[0x7c5c]
mov [si+0x8],ebx
mov ebx,[0x7c60]
mov [si+0xc],ebx
mov word [si+0x6],0x7000
mov ah,0x42
int 0x13

It seems this piece of code try to set up disk address of stage 1.5 code, then load and run it. However, how could I figure out which physical block it tries to read? What's more, what is the destination of the stage 1.5 code? 0x7000?

I refer to MBR for windows 7, where subsequent boot up code is loaded 0x7c00. Given MBR is first loaded at address 0x7c00, it contains a piece of code copying MBR from 0x7c00 to 0x0600 and then branch to 0x0600 in case the original code corrupted. Will loading stage 1.5 code to address 0x7000 conflict the original code? What's more, I also find

jmp short 0x65
sar byte [si+0x7c00],1
mov es,ax
mov ds,ax
mov si,0x7c00
mov di,0x600
mov cx,0x200
rep movsb
push ax
push word 0x61c

at the beginning of the MBR. It seems the code tries to do the same thing as in MBR of windows 7 to copy the original MBR from 0x7c00 to 0x0600, except for the first jmp instruction. Will these codes in fact executed? If yes, when will control jumps here.(I believe the answer is YES, but am confused by the leading jmp).

BTW, is there any good reference to BIOS interrupt routine?

Any hint will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and Best regards!

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GRUB 1.98 is GRUB version 2. In version 2, there is no stage 1.5 anymore. The stage 1.5 had a fixed place between MBR and first partition. It was (most often) unused space on the hard drive. GPT partitioning and other (unusual) layouts do not provide this space.

In GRUB v2 stage 1 loads core.img, which can be stored at any LBA48 location, typically within a partition. The location is hardwired into stage 1.

See also: http://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/grub.html#Images

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