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I have an XML variable with only one element in it. I need to check if this element has a particular attribute, and if it does, i need to check if that attribute has a specific value, and if it does, i need to remove that attribute from the XML element.

So lets say I have


The MobileNumber attribute may or may not be there, if it is, and the value is "Empty", i need to change my XML variable to this:


I'm a complete SQL XML noob and have no idea how to go about this, any ideas?

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Use the modify() DML clause to modify the XML nodes. On this case something like:

SET @XML.modify('delete (/person/@MobileNumber)[1]')

This XML workshop can be helpfull to have a deeper understanding of the DML clauses delete, insert, replace, etc.

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SET @XML.modify('delete /person/@MobileNumber[. = "Empty"]')
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