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I need to load a Model in a component to save the Data of that related model in that component itself.

My Component name is ImagemuploadComponent

In this Component I want to load the Attachement Model. I've tried the following code but it did't worked. (Which works fine in cakephp 1.3)

  $Attachment = ClassRegistry::init('Attachment');
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Try this code. This will import your model and instantiate.

After this you can perform any operation as controller.

$this->Attachment = &new Attachment();
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This answer is a bad one giving false advice for more than one reason: App::import is deprecated for loading classes and App::uses() should be used and for a model in this case it should be ClassRegistry::init('Attachment'); The question was for 2.0 not 1.3. – burzum Oct 30 '12 at 9:43

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