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function build_list($id=0,$collapsed="") //return an array with the categories ordered by position

$RootPos = "";
$this->c_list = array();

if($id != 0){
$this_category  = $this->fetch($id);
$positions      = explode(">",$this_category['position']);
$RootPos        = $positions[0];

// lets fetch the root categories
$sql = "SELECT *
    	FROM ".$this->table_name."
    	WHERE position	RLIKE '^([0-9]+>){1,1}$' AND c_group	=      '".$this->Group."'
    	ORDER BY c_name";
$res = mysql_query($sql) or die(trigger_error("<br><storng><u>MySQL Error:</u></strong><br>".mysql_error()."<br><br><storng><u>Query Used:</u></strong><br>".$sql."<br><br><storng><u>Info:</u></strong><br>",E_USER_ERROR));

while($root = mysql_fetch_array($res)){
$root["prefix"] = $this->get_prefix($root['position']);
$this->c_list[$root['id']] = $root;

    if($RootPos == $root['id'] AND $id != 0 AND $collapsed != ""){


// lets check if there is sub-categories
    if($collapsed == "" AND $id==0){
    $has_children = $this->has_children($root['position']);
    if($has_children == TRUE) $this->get_children($root['position'],0);
return $this->c_list;

// He is the Author of the code... Categories Class Author: Shadi Ali

Now I want to just return the Categories and Sub Categories from the above code.

function browse() {

$categories = new categories;
$categories_list = $categories->build_list();

    foreach($categories_list as $c)

    		return $c->$id;


The above code is not working.... can anyone help me out.

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Here are two problems with the browse() function:

  • The return statement is inside the foreach loop. The statement will return one value for one of the items in the $categories-list (at most), and not continue to loop over the rest of the $categories-list.

  • The $id variable is never declared or initialised in return $c->$id, perhaps you meant to use $c['id'] or $c->id

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