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I have one repo

and add submodule using

git submodule add json-rpc

and do commit and push, it appear on github (I can click on it) but when I clone the repo

git clone

folder json-rpc is empty

what I'm missing here did I forget about something? Why that folder is empty?

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OK I found it, needed to add --recursive when cloning the repo.

So the clone command ends up as:

git clone --recursive
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Yep. You can also fetch submodules after the fact with git submodule update --init, if you already cloned but forgot --recursive. – Amber Jul 6 '12 at 7:56
Just faced the problem that there is a submodule on develop branch, but not yet on the master branch. When you clone the git repo using --recursive it will not find the submodule on the master branch, and you have to fetch it using Ambers comment "git submodule update --init" to get also the subomdule. – d4Rk Jun 14 '13 at 15:27
This can't be up-voted enough. Same issue and forgot to do --recursive @Amber - thank you. – ScottMcGready Sep 8 at 2:15

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