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I am trying to backup a HDD running Windows XP, I am trying to do it from one running HDD 250 GB to other HDD which is 160GB. For this I have used Gparted to make the same sized partitions which I have made it successfully. the older partition is smaller than the newer one which I have made sure of it. I initially wanted to make it partition to partition cloning which I ended up unsuccessfully meaning while swapping the new to the old HDD, new HDD does not work. looking at the file contents seems to be similar, but simply doesn't boot, tried

fixmbr , fixboot 

doesn't seem to be working. The error message I get is "no boot device found, use a proper boot device and and press enter." Any solutions, that may be helpful.

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can you run fdisk on the drive, and if so, which partition is marked as active? – SeanC Jul 6 '12 at 20:10
thanks, @Sean,The job is stopped for a while now, I will check it when I get back to the same thing again. – tough Jul 9 '12 at 9:43

I think you've just backup one partition (C:/ maybe?) but windows boot needs the two partitions. You need to copy the OEM approx 100MB partition in your new HDD.

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