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I have a JScrollPane that contains a JPanel of size 5000x5000 pixels. I want to limit the JScrollPane to only be able to show a subpart of this JPanel.

For example the rectangle defined by the two points (X,Y):

  • (500,500) (upper left corner)
  • (3000,3000) (lower right corner).

I have tried




But it doesn't work. The setMinimum function only sets the position of the viewport on the scrollpane, setMaximum doesn't do anything.

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Change your JPanel instead to have size (2500, 2500) and render desired fragment of the image. Use translate() of the Graphics in paintComponent() for this.

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The thing is I am useing the JPanel as coordinate space to zoom in on an geometric object made of JLabels. I want to restrict the scrollbars so only the space containing the object is visible. I want to keep the coordinates of the object. – user1506145 Jul 6 '12 at 13:05

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