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I often use notepad++ for editing of the csproj files. And I always need to go to the Language menu and select XML in order to get syntax highlighting.

Is it possible to configure notepad++ to treat csproj files as XML automatically?


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Open Settings -> Style Configurator, select "XML" in "Language" list, add "csproj" (without quotes) to "User ext" box.

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No matter how many times I need to do this, I can never remember where. – Dave Transom Dec 5 '12 at 20:19

Edit the file langs.xml in the notepad++ folder.

Change this

<Language name="xml" ext="xml xsml xsl xsd kml wsdl" commentLine="" commentStart="&lt;!--" commentEnd="--&gt;">


<Language name="xml" ext="xml xsml xsl xsd kml wsdl csproj" commentLine="" commentStart="&lt;!--" commentEnd="--&gt;">
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close all your files opened with notepad++, then restart notepad++ to make changes to take effect. – Jonathan Jul 16 '09 at 7:30

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