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I am using laravel and laravel migration mechanism. I created tables and seted up foreign keys. But the tables are MyISSAM so no foreign keys are created. Where do I enable / configure this? (to change it to InnoDB and not in the mysql server).

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You can set the engine inside Schema\Table closure.

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Sadly, that link seems to be dead now. – jlbang Jul 17 at 20:53

I would recommend to update your Mysql to 5.5 or higher. The default storage engine for Mysql now is InoDB

Before MySQL 5.5.5, MyISAM is the default storage engine. (The default was changed to InnoDB in MySQL 5.5.5.) MyISAM is based on the older (and no longer available) ISAM storage engine but has many useful extensions.

Once done, you can easily map relationships within the entity classes via Laravel

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Define engine like this

  Schema::create("models", function(Blueprint $table) {
            $table->engine = "InnoDB";
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Use InnoDb tables on the server side it's best way to success. Use MySQL Workbench. It easy in Workbench. And, if you want read the native manual

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