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I have an annoying problem, and it is that even if the criteria matches several users in my system, just one of them has the specific array pulled.

This is how a user might look like:

    "_id" : ObjectId("4ff696cf246951c8cea8506c"),
    "campaigns" : [
            "userchannel" : 1,
            "id" : ObjectId("4ff59640acf479392600015b"),
            "name" : "test3"

One user can have several campaigns, but only one with the same name. When I delete the campaign I want to update the users to the users containing this campaign are deleted. Only the users with a campaign containing userchannel : 1 should be deleted.

I currently use this:

db.users.update({'campaigns.userchannel' : 1}, {$pull : {'campaigns' : {'id': ObjectId("4ff59640acf479392600015b")}}})

But it only deletes the campaign for one user. How can I improve this query so it deletes the specific campaign from all the users?

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You're doing a single update. The default behaviour for MongoDB updates is to only modify the first document that matches the criteria rather than for all matching documents as is common in RDBMS.

updates have the signature update(criteria, update, upsert, multiple). The last parameter is a boolean that tells MongoDB to update all matching documents rather than the first.

Change your update to :

db.users.update({'campaigns.userchannel' : 1}, {$pull : {'campaigns' : {'id': ObjectId("4ff59640acf479392600015b")}}}, false, true)
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I've got a problem when I'm trying to implement the solution: ` Warning: MongoCollection::update() expects at most 3 parameters, 4 given in /application/models/Campaigns.php on line 59`. It seems like it don't like the 4th parameter.. :( – staticelf Jul 6 '12 at 10:18
Nvm, php had an array to declare extra options: – staticelf Jul 6 '12 at 10:21
db.users.update({"campaigns.userchannel" : 1}, {$pull : {"campaigns" : {"id": ObjectId("4ff59640acf479392600015b")}}},false,true) 

3rd parameter for upsert and 4th parameter for multi. So you need to set multi to true

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