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I've started writing a function to replace select boxes with a custom HTML list. I can't seem to get the ":selected" Selector to be recognize for selected options though. I've tried a few methods and my select box does have options with selected attributes ;]

Any help with this is very appreciated.

    var $ulSelect = $('<ul />');
    var $options;
    var $numSelected = 0;

    $options = $('option', this).map(function(index, element){
        var $selectedClass = '';
        if ($(element).is(':selected')) {
            $selectedClass = ' class="selected"';
        return $('<li data-value="'+ $(element).val() +'"'+ $selectedClass +'>'+ $(element).text() +'<a href="#" class="x-link"></a></li>');

    var $ulSelectWrap = $('<div />')
        .prepend('<span class="selected">'+ $('option:eq(0)', this).text() + $activeText +'</span>');

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I've checked your code in jsFiddle, and found no problems with selecting an element that was, well, actually selected. The problem I've encountered is that you cannot .appendTo an array (which is returned by .map()). So I suggest using this instead:

$.each($options, function() {

And another problem is, I suppose, is using $('option:eq(0)', this) instead of $('option:selected', this); the former always shows the first option as active (though only li element corresponding to selected element correctly has the selected class).

Check the demo to see the updated version of your code.

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I should say that I'm trying to identify which options are selected on page load. I'll add a .change() listener to add the .selected class to any clicked LI elements after I've resolved this. For now, it's still a mistery why jQuery doesn't see these options as being :selected. I've had no trouble with :selected in the past :\ Thanks –  Must Impress Jul 6 '12 at 12:48
Well, still can't get what's wrong; perhaps it'd be better if you show some more code (with JSfiddle or something like that). I've changed .change to .each in my code, tried using multiple as well - all works pretty ok. –  raina77ow Jul 6 '12 at 12:52
How strange... I just added it to JSfiddle to show an example and it works on there :/ jsfiddle.net/7X4tG thanks anyway. I'll figure it out from here! –  Must Impress Jul 6 '12 at 16:57

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