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I'm tryng to write an app to read some metric of applications.

I can't get any metric : only application_active_users.

Event with the example provided by FB , if i change the metric , nothing is shown. Is it a bug, or im missing something?

Example 1 (working) :'application_active_users'%20AND%20end_time%3Dend_time_date('2011-06-26')%20AND%20period%3Dperiod('month')&access_token=AAAAAAITEghMBAA6pD9aSW4MSM5rjt8ditDsdZAYVbpG4A7DDEohNUsp4oug3zwVewyqCUwBdBjs71skLZAbBuvm16vZCKaNcai2uDbhYgZDZD

Example 2( NOT working) :'application_active_users_gender'%20AND%20end_time%3Dend_time_date('2011-06-26')%20AND%20period%3Dperiod('month')&access_token=AAAAAAITEghMBAA6pD9aSW4MSM5rjt8ditDsdZAYVbpG4A7DDEohNUsp4oug3zwVewyqCUwBdBjs71skLZAbBuvm16vZCKaNcai2uDbhYgZDZD

The first example is provided by facebook , the second is the same, with changed metric.

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Application_active_users_gender can only be used with the period "day". See the documentation below:

I've tried this but there are still no results returning. It is possibly a bug.

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