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I am using the Facebook graph API with queries like:

but I am getting different results when I execute a query via graph API and via the Facebook web...

  • I am using the same user (I get a access_token from the same user that I uses to search via web).
  • I tested this text query with dif. browsers and with a java client and I have the same problem....
  • I was searching information about this topic, but It was impossible to find something.

Finally, I'd like to ask if someone know how this query customizes its results and if it is possible to parametize it.



I am testing a query as: but I don't receive results. I don't understand how it is possible which Facebook doesn't find users named Mark..... I suppose I have to use some parameter (fields, f.e)... But It is not explained in the documentation....

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In my experience, you'll never get exactly the same results using an API call as you will on the front end. For search-type queries, Graph API calls seem to be very inconsistent. When I want more consistency and control, I use FQL. However, a simple search like this of all stream posts can't be done via FQL. – cpilko Jul 6 '12 at 14:03
I found this web which describes how it is possible to customize for languages my searches with (with the locale parameter in the query via POST). I am searching other options... – carlos.baez Jul 10 '12 at 15:26

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