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I have a class named StatisticFrame. This class creates an object named stats inside a method. How can I pass this object created from StatisticFrame class to another class?

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can you post your code –  Uchenna Nwanyanwu Jul 6 '12 at 10:06
your question does not contain Class name of the Receiving object and stats object. –  Sujith Kp Jul 6 '12 at 10:32

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Keep a variable that will point to the receiver object (say of type TargetFrame class) in your StatisticFrame class and then invoke the method (say SetStatsObject(object obj)) defined in the receiver object to receive the object.

your StaticFrame class will look like this

class StatisticFrame {

     private TargetFrame targetObject = null;

     public StatisticFrame (TargetFrame obj) {
          this.targetObject = obj;

     public void Send (Object stats) {
          object stats = GetStatsObject(); // this will create and returns stats object


and your TargetFrame (the receiving object's class) should look like this

class TargetFrame {

     public void SetStatsObject(Object stats) {
            // Do what ever you want with stats

     // .....rest of the methods follows
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Another class needs a method as an argument that expects your stats object and call that method from your class and pass your stats object

private void yourmethod(){

 Stats stas =
 AnotherClass ac = new AnotherClass();

 class AnotherClass {

  public void thatMethod(Stats stats){

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One of ways is that you can create method in your "another class" that will accept as argument object you want to pass, and you call that method from your base class

class Sender{
    public void createAndSend(Reciever reciver){
        String s="some data from Producer";

class Reciever{
    public void recieve(String data){
        System.out.println("I recieved "+data);

//lets test it
class TestX{
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        Sender s=new Sender();
        Reciever r=new Reciever();


output: I recieved some data from Producer

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There are number of ways you can achieve this . either make the return type of method as stats and then in other class you can make object of StatisticFrame and call that method.

StatisticFrame sf=new StatisticFrame();
Stats st=sf.method();

Other way if you don't want to make return type as Stats then Make global private variable of type Stats and assign this in your method, and then one public getter method will return this object to other classes.

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You can pass the created object as argument to another class constructor or it's method.

class Apples{
    public static void main(String[] args){

        ApplesTestDrive obj = new ApplesTestDrive();
        ApplesSampleTestDrive objOne = new ApplesSampleTestDrive();
        // Pass created object obj as argument to ApplesSampleTestDrive method.


class ApplesTestDrive{
    public String bucket;
    public ApplesTestDrive(){
      bucket = "blue";

class ApplesSampleTestDrive{

    public String paint(ApplesTestDrive obj){
        System.out.println("Paint apple one: " + obj.bucket);

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You can create an object for the other class that you want to pass the object with the constructor that accepts your newly created object. Another way you can use some callback functions using interface

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