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I'm looking for a xml component/Library which supporting Delphi 2009.


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Delphi ships with TXMLDocument, which is a wrapper that lets you choose between MSXML, Open XML and Xerces XML.

I just import Microsoft's MSXML and use it directly.

Under Component|Import Component..., select Type Library and browse to Microsoft XML. I recommend 6.0, but you can use 4 if you like. Avoid 3 as it wasn't very compliant with the XML standard and very early versions leak memory, and version 5 is only available with Office.


If speed is a big concern, you might want to take a look at SAX (Simple API for XML), which streams the XML instead of building the DOM in memory. This used to be included in MSXML, but I thought I read somewhere that it had been removed in version 6. I usually use the DOM, so I can't recommend a specific SAX parser, but a quick search on SourceForge returns some options.

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Yes, I know TXMLDocument, but its processing speed is too slow. I just need to generate XML content, and parse XML content, I need the speed to be fast. –  Leo Jul 16 '09 at 10:56
Then I'd look at importing MSXML (instead of using it through TXMLDocument), which is quite fast for DOM processing. If speed is your biggest issue and/or you have really big XML files, look at SAX instead. I'll update my answer. –  Bruce McGee Jul 16 '09 at 11:17

As far as I know OmniXML fully supports D2009.

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The Open XML, Alternative Document Object Model (ADOM) is also a great (and 100% Delphi, no ActiveX/COM dependencies) XML library.

It supports Delphi 5, 6, 7, 8, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2009.


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NativeXML from SimDesign supports Delphi 2 -> Delphi 2010.

  • It's native delphi so needs no external dlls.
  • Free with source.
  • Premium support (forum/email) can be purchased.
  • Purchasing gives access to more frequent updates/bug fixes etc.
  • Comes with documentation and examples.

Before finding NativeXML, I looked at several other XML solutions. Some didn't work. Most seemed overly difficult to use compared to my modest XML needs. I only need to parse small XML files for configuration info etc.

In practice I've found NativeXML well designed and easy to use. I strongly recommend checking it out!

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Hosted at Google Code now: simdesign.googlecode.com –  mjn Dec 4 '11 at 18:53

What about msxml that is included in Delphi2007 ? I assume it also works in D2009.

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Delphi includes TXMLDocument / IXMLDocument which can use MSXML and other parsers. What else do you need?

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