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I have a command line program written in Python. I would like to generate man pages with Sphinx.

I would like to have one page by commands like:

man myprog foo --> redirect to the man page of the foo command.

man myprog foo2 --> redirect to the man page of the foo2 command.


The problem is Sphinx generates only one man page with the aggregation of all man pages.

How can I have my expected result?

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Given the structure


Then, if you are in docs type

    sphinx-build -b man -c source  source/manable1/ man/other_man

you can automate that by either patching the makefile or a one liner in bash

    for i in source/man*; do
            sphinx-build -b man -c source  $i man/$( basename $i );

(not tested but should be close)

beware the include path, the relatives, the cross reference....

It might limit what you can do in Rst

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Thanks for your answer. I don't understand the man/other_man argument. What it is ? –  Sandro Munda Jul 6 '12 at 12:39
just a way to structure your directory with each independant manual. the structure would be much more man/sub_topic where sub topic handles all the revelant files for a given topic. –  user1458574 Sep 10 '12 at 15:05

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