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i am actually using filter in my project.i pass the values into id in database.For Eg: if student name is there.i didnt store student name like "mala" .I pass the values NameId like 12,13etc.,My question is when i filter the function name it doesn't filter correctly.it shows only Id.how can i change into the name?anyone pls help me..my code is here.

       <div class="section">
        <% var topFunctions = Model.GroupBy(q => q.FunctionId)
                               .OrderByDescending(gp => gp.Count())
                               .Select(g => g.Key).ToList(); %>

            <% foreach (var function in topFunctions)  { %>
                 <% var url = "http://localhost:55996/jb" + Djsite.Helpers.StringHelper.AssembleQueryStrings(filters) + "Fun=" + function; %>
                 <li><a href="<%: url %>"><%: function %></a></li>       
            <% } %>

<% } %>
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I think you want to be using:

<li><a href="<%: url %>"><%: function.Name %></a></li> 

Where .Name in function.Name is what you have called your user's name


Per your comment:

If you only send a list of keys to your view, then your names are not available to the view. You need to send your actual model to your view, not the keys - the keys are just keys, they don't contain any of the actual user's names. You should move your logic out of your view to help facilitate this process.

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I don't think that'll work because the enumerable is a Select of Keys –  Andras Zoltan Jul 6 '12 at 11:49
Ah, you didn't send the appropriate information to your view then. You need to send your actual model to your view, not the keys - the keys are just keys, they don't contain any of the actual user's names. –  Ecnalyr Jul 6 '12 at 11:51

First, an important advisory note: You should be doing this filtering in your controller and pushing the results into a Model type that is specifically built for this type of result. This kind of logic, I contend, classes as business logic and so it should not be in your view.

To answer the original question, though: it all depends on whether the function's name is available in your Model. If it's not then you need to get it in there.

Let's say it is, and it's available with the FunctionName property, you could use this:

Model.GroupBy(q => q.FunctionId)      
     .OrderByDescending(gp => gp.Count())      
     .Select(g => g.First().FunctionName).ToArray();

Note that I've also changed ToList to ToArray - don't create a list unless you need to modify the result afterwards.

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Have to add in repository file about the function method. –  udhaya Jul 20 '12 at 9:31
Yes - basically anywhere from your controller 'down' the hierarchy and not in your view. Don't get me wrong - if I'm prototyping a site or whatever, I would break this rule, but on anything that might end up actually having a lifecycle try and do it 'properly' and it saves you time in the long run. –  Andras Zoltan Jul 20 '12 at 10:53

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