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In mongodb the equivalent to sql "like" operator is

db.users.find({"shows": /m/})

Using nodejs/javascript I want to dynamically change letter, based on url paramater.

I have tried

letter = req.params.letter;

db.users.find({"shows": '/' + letter + '/'})

This doesn't work, I guess because the slashes are now strings are interpreted differently.

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One way to do it, according to the documentation page:

db.users.find( { shows : { $regex : letter } } );
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Perfect. Thank You. Will accept you answer in 8 minutes. –  jamjam Jul 6 '12 at 12:29

+1 for mindandmedia on the syntax. However, please remember, that if you want the query to use an index efficiently, you have to use prefix queries (also called rooted regexps) like /^prefix/

Your query is likely to be horribly slow otherwise - see the note in the docs here:


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