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When I running the CTS case: android.net.cts.ListeningPortsTest:: testNoListeningUdp6Ports, it failed, the traces are as follows:

android.net.cts.ListeningPortsTest$ListeningPortsAssertionError: Found port listening on addr=00000000000000000000000000000000, port=43012, UID=1000 in /proc/net/udp6 at android.net.cts.ListeningPortsTest.assertNoListeningPorts(ListeningPortsTest.java:130)

This case get the udp6 ports information from the file:/proc/net/udp6, but if the state of an udp6 port is "07" which means CLOSED (as include/net/tcp_states.h has defined), why isPortListening() return "true" all the same. Then the case think the udp6 port is listening, and throw a exception.

So, I think maybe there is something wrong in this case, can anybody explain it? Thanks.


private static boolean isPortListening(String state, boolean isTcp) {
    // 0A = TCP_LISTEN from include/net/tcp_states.h
    String listeningState = isTcp ? "0A" : "07";
    return listeningState.equals(state);
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The isTcp argument was set to false in the method testNoListeningUdp6Ports, but in testNoListeningTcp6Ports it was true

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