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e.g. I want to return the name of a node, i.e. a string, thus


However when I try to evaluate it with doc.valueOf or doc.selectSingleNode, or whatever else I try I get this error:

org.dom4j.InvalidXPathException: Invalid XPath expression: /MxML/trades/trade/tradeBody/*[1]/local-name() Expected node-type

I know what its saying, I am returning a String and not a node, so how do I ask for this string?


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If I don't use Dom4J and simply use JAXP it works fine, e.g. XPathFactory xpathfactory = XPathFactory.newInstance(); XPath xpath2 = xpathfactory.newXPath(); String st=xpath2.evaluate(xpathstring, doc); – Dino Fancellu Jul 6 '12 at 13:49
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Are you sure it works with JAXP? The expression does not look ok to me; local-name() is not a node-step.

This is fine with dom4j:

    Document doc = DocumentHelper
            .parseText("<x:fish xmlns:x='42'>Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish</x:fish>");
    XPath xpath = new DefaultXPath("local-name(/*[1])");
    Object result = xpath.evaluate(doc);
    System.out.printf("Type: %s, Value: %s\n", result.getClass()
            .getSimpleName(), result);


Type: String, Value: fish

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The xpath is fine in xpath 2.0, not xpath 1.0. It works ok in JAXP. – Dino Fancellu Jul 9 '12 at 7:32
Thanks for the pointer, just changed the xpath to local-name(/MxML/trades/trade/tradeBody/*[1]) (most of my work is with XPath 2.0) – Dino Fancellu Jul 9 '12 at 7:47

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