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I am using the raty star rating jQuery plugin from this site : http://www.wbotelhos.com/raty/ by Washington Botelho.
I am using multiple ratings in my single form. The different ratings are like this :

<div id='star1' class='star'></div>
<input name='score1' type='hidden' id='score-target' />

<div id='star2' class='star'></div>
<input name='score2' type='hidden' id='score-target' />

<div id='star3' class='star'></div>
<input name='score3' type='hidden' id='score-target' />

Now i am not much familiar with jQuery, but i tried a lot to go through and understand its js files. I wrote the javascript code like this :

<script type="text/javascript">
        $(function() {

            cancel      : true,
            targetKeep  : true,
            targetType  : 'number',
            targetText  : '0',
            target      : '#score-target'

                score: function() {
                    return $(this).attr('data-rating');

The problem is that only the score from the last rating is getting stored in my inputs, the first 2 inputs are storing null values. Im not using Ajax as i am not familiar with it. I am using php to get the data from the form and then storing it in a table. Can anyone help me with the javascript code to store the different values in the different hiddne input fields?

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all 3 inputs have the same id, thats your problem –  Nick Jul 6 '12 at 12:48
@Nick yes i know that... but the documentation of the plugin says u can store the rating score in a vessel with id which is target: "#score-target" and since all the ratings fall in the same class, i need to find out a way to store different values in different vessels –  Mohit Srivastava Jul 7 '12 at 4:51

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Inspect your code and observe src attribute of "on-stars" For me , src attribute of on-stars" contains star-on .

        score: function() {
            return $('img[src*="star-on"]',$(this)).length;
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the problem is here :

target      : '#score-target'

You're using the selector # it mean an ID nammed 'score-target'. In html an ID is unique That's why it return everytime the 1st reference of this id.

You should write sth like this :

<div id='star1' class='star' rel="score-target1"></div>
<input name='score1' type='hidden' id='score-target1' />

target      : $(this).attr('rel')
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Thanks for the help. But did you actually see the plugin and saw its code by yourself ? –  Mohit Srivastava Jul 6 '12 at 18:06
btw, it didn't helped in solving the problem :( –  Mohit Srivastava Jul 7 '12 at 4:47

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