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I am a big fan of Doxygen which I have used for years with various languages. In particular, I appreciate its wiki-like ability to include images and run the Graphviz dot generator to have arbitrary inline diagrams from inline DOT code or external files.

RDoc has diagramming support to generate class diagrams using Graphviz but I can't see any way to include arbitrary images or diagrams. Neither does it appear to support building up arbitrary pages like Doxygen.

Is there any tool which provides these Doxygen-style features for Ruby?

I have skimmed the Ruby Toolbox list of tools and they all seem to be variants of RDoc.

The most likely solution for me at present seems to be extending Yard.

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RDoc will automatically convert urls to html links and urls which point to image files are automatically converted to html images.

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As I was told at a Perth Agile Meetup last week, graphviz integration is now available as a branch of yard.

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