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I'd like to set up a multidimensional list. For reference, I am creating control with property grid for changing its properties.

I am adding controls dynamically. For example, I am adding example no.of stack panels dynamically. Inside the stack panel i am adding no.of elements for example textbox control with property grid.

If i am adding all textbox in 1 stack panel means i can use List and i can get it based on index. But i want to add the property considering the stack panel also.

Here is the data I want to Add:

 [0] => List
    ([0] => List
       [0] => FillColor
       [1] => BorderColor
       [2] => BorderWidth
       [3] => Text
       [4] => FontSize
       [5] => FontFamily
[1] => List
 And so on....

I can get the textbox properties collections based on the following.

internal class PropertiesCollection : List<textBoxPropertiesProperties>

internal class textBoxProperties

PropertiesCollection collection = new PropertiesCollection ();
textBoxProperties properties=new textBoxProperties();

textBox1 properties---> collection[0]
textBox2 properties ....> collection[1]

But i want to get it based on in which stack panel its placed. I need something like


How can i get this?

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Rather than creating your own hierarchy, you could just use the built in tree structures in WPF - look up the VisualTreeHelper class or see this article: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/21495/Understanding-the-Visual-Tree-and-Logical-Tree-in

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