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In my aplication, I have a column in the database that contains the url of a images uploaded for the user.

I desire to see the thumb for the correpondant image but I can only see the name of the image.

How could do that?

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You should use a partial for that (as written in the doc - or here for an other explanation (scroll down to "Partial edit"))

In your generator.yml:

        display: [ _image]

Then, create a partial called _image.php in your folder templates on the same module, with this kind of content:

<?php echo image_tag($object->getImage()); ?>

You need to update:

  • $object with the name of your object variable given to template
  • getImage with the name of your field in the table
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Thanks it works – Frab Lopez Jul 6 '12 at 14:09

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