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Hi I have a intra day data table with the following columns :

 date, stock_id, timestamp, price

First I added keys to order this properly :

setkeyv( my_table, c('stock_id','date','timestamp'))

The data looks like :

     date      timestamp    stock_id      price       
 2011-01-04    1.294128e+12    7          3402.0     
 2011-01-04    1.294129e+12    7          3402.5     
 2011-01-04    1.294129e+12    7          3407.5    

Now I would like to convert the stock_price to returns and log returns.

Could you please point to an efficient/elegant way to do this in R and data.table grouping without resorting to loops?

Many thanks in advance, I'm very new to R.

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As it happens, you've asked something that is most easily done in the latest version (v1.8.1) on R-Forge repo using a new feature: := by group.

How about (untested) :

my_table[, logret:=c(NA,diff(log(stock_price))), by=stock_name]

To install v1.8.1 from R-Forge without compiling from source, you need to be running R 2.15.0 or later and then just type :

install.packages("data.table", repos="http://R-Forge.R-project.org")
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It now works after changing to : dt[, logret:=c(NA,diff(log(stock_price))), by=list(stock_id,date)] Thank you all for your help. Extremely elegant and fast solution. This is why R is awesome !!! –  user1480926 Jul 6 '12 at 14:55

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