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I'm struggling with a easy problem. I want to download an image from web using this code:

WebRequest requestPic = WebRequest.Create(@"http://something.com/" + id + ".jpg");
WebResponse responsePic = await requestPic.GetResponseAsync();

Now I wanted to write the WebResponse's stream in a StorageFile (eg. create a file id.jpg in the app's storage), but I haven't found any way to achieve that. I searched the web for it, but no success - all ways incompatible Stream types and so on.

Could you please help?

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I have found the following solution, which works and is not too complicated.

    public async static Task<StorageFile> SaveAsync(
        Uri fileUri,
        StorageFolder folder,
        string fileName)
        var file = await folder.CreateFileAsync(fileName, CreationCollisionOption.ReplaceExisting);
        var downloader = new BackgroundDownloader();
        var download = downloader.CreateDownload(

        var res = await download.StartAsync();            

        return file;
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Great answer. Simple and it works perfectly. No more problems while reading "not complete" files. Thanks alot man. –  nicruo Aug 31 '12 at 10:47
My pleasure ;-) . –  MZetko Oct 20 '12 at 16:18

You will need to read the response stream into a buffer then write the data to a StorageFile. THe following code shows an example:

        var fStream = responsePic.GetResponseStream();
        var file = await ApplicationData.Current.LocalFolder.CreateFileAsync("testfile.txt");
        using (var ostream = await file.OpenStreamForWriteAsync())
            int count = 0;
                var buffer = new byte[1024];
                count = fStream.Read(buffer, 0, 1024);
                await ostream.WriteAsync(buffer, 0, count);
            while (fStream.CanRead && count > 0);
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