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I am building an application with Struts2, Spring, Hibernate. Struts actions are managed by Spring, their scopes are "request" and I have session bean with some state for performing a conversation. Before I used Struts2 session map, but I wanted the "containsKey, put, get, cast" nightmare to dissapear. So I started using session scope bean managed by Spring.

Question: this bean isn't thread-safe? If we have multiple-windows-per-user-per-browser, we can get many threads in session bean? How to handle it? Build thread-safe session bean?

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I recon you still will have a multithreading issue with multiple browsers, this can be averted by making your stuff synchronized. –  G-Man Jul 6 '12 at 13:44

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Yes. Everything stored in a scope larger than request is potentially accessed by multiple threads, and must be thread-safe.

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If you are concerned about "multiple-windows-per-user-per-browser" and also avoiding the "containsKey, put, get, cast" nightmare in Struts2, you could also look at the struts2-conversation plugin. The plugin would manage the thread-safety issues for you.

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