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I have an Excel sheet in which 2 columns have a dropdown with one about 4-5 values and the other with 2 values that can be selected. I would like to read the value that is there for each row in these two columns. . What is the code sample to do that? I did browse a while on the net and this forum, but did not find any answers. I posted in the JExcel Yahoo groups , but no success. I have added the following code, but this does not help. This code sample just prevents the "common Assertion failed" error

 WorkbookSettings settings = new WorkbookSettings();
 Workbook workbook = Workbook.getWorkbook(sis, settings);

The sheet gives an erroneous row count when the dropdown is there. Has anyone been able to read the values selected in the drop down ?

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If you have applied an autofilter to your Excel sheet then probably that is responsible for the issue. I would suggest you to please remove the autofilter and then try fetching the value of the combobox.

Cell yourCell = yourSheet.getCell(x,y);
String comboboxValue = yourCell.getContents();
logger.log("value selected in combobx is : " + comboboxValue );
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